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Your renewed wooden floor in Dagenham

                                         Henry Ford could never have brought his factory to Dagenham without the expertise of an 18th century engineer...


The traditional wooden floor needs no such pre-conditions.  It continues to do its steady practical thing, even after the first shine has gone...

And when this is the case..?  Bring it back with the modern solution -

and make them new again.

With wood floor repair and restoration from...

                                                                                            The Dagenham Floor Sanding Company!

Whether your floors lie in the home or a commercial property: bars and restaurants; shops and offices; schools and libraries; galleries and museums;

are composed of solid/engineered boards or herringbone/parquet blocks;

have declined to any condition, however old or poor.

We’ll give them a new look by:

repairing and replacing old or damaged timber

filling in gaps for an even look

sanding away old paint and sealant

staining the bare wood to match your decor

resealing with a fresh layer of natural oil, hard wax or lacquer.

All top quality work:

     Your new floor is a valuable feature.  We’ll make sure it is also a worthwhile investment, using only premium floor products for a new surface to last - and keep its good looks for longer.

And.   99% dust free sanding!

For minimal mess and disruption - as our cylinder machines have a unique collection system, with bags placed outside each room.

A change of look:

Staining your floor before resealing will give a new look to match your decor. Why not go for the fresh bright eco look?  A white or pale wash is ideal for airy kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

After care:

Take our tips on the modest attention your floor will appreciate after its restoration.

Obtain the best advice for your floor -

from a friendly family firm with over twenty years in the business of restoring hundreds of floors.

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When Ford started building his factory in 1929, the Thames was protected by a concrete jetty 660 yards long - capable of berthing 80,000 ton ships.

All thanks to Captain John Perry, who found a way to tame Father Thames.  The river had flooded at every tide for centuries (and had impoverished Barking Abbey with its efforts to beat it).

By 1707, all ships using the river were taxed to raise a fund to keep the waters back. Salvation came in 1716. Perry had been building waterways for Peter the Great in Russia and succeeded in mending the wall at a cost of £40,000.

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assistance available 24/7

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